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Why should airlines fly out from/to Niš Airport?

Any airliner that have established flights from airports all over the world can see the potential market that Niš airport has to offer. Niš however, has not been a contender in that market for many years, we think that those days are over. Niš airport is the second largest international airport in Serbia, the market is not lost and have plenty of potential to succeed. Over 2 million people live in the South-East region of Serbia and over 75% of the Diaspora are originally from this part of our country. Meaning it has room for a specific market including specific destinations from this South-East region of Serbia, Many of the Diaspora are working and living in west EU countries, as well as many of the Scandinavian countries and Russia. 

Getting ready to reach for the skiis together!
The question that airliners are asking is: why should we fly from Niš, and not from the more obvious choice of Belgrade airport? The answer is very simple. Firstly Niš have low airport prices, this encourages airliners to invest, as it is profitable, on the other hand it also encourages passengers as it means possible cheaper flights. Secondly, the weather conditions are very unique, consisting of minimum fog days during winter meaning minimal delays and cancellations.

An additional factor, and possibly the most appealing factor is the tourist potential for Niš. The very historic and beautiful city of Niš is only a 4km away from the airport. A city that contains a rich history, from the Byzantine period through to the Ottoman age, continuing on to the modern era. Traces of the Ottoman Empire can be seen left in the unique Skull Tower, a major tourism and historical attraction in Europe. Last year Niš, the birthplace of Roman Emperor Constantine the Great, celebrated its 1700th anniversary of signing the Edict of Milan. Niš is very close to national and world recognised ski resorts Kopaonik and Stara Planina, the two largest mountain resorts in Serbia. Niš is also home to luxurious spas, with one of that spas being located just 16 km from airport encouraging health tourism. A further 60km from Niš you can find one of candidates for the Miracles of the World, Devils Town (Đavolja Varoš). Local delicacies and traditional cuisine also encourage food enthusiasts from around the world to visit and explore our city. All these factors offer a lot more that any airliner (low cost or regular) can provide to potential passengers in this region. Passengers will be encouraged to travel throughout the winter and summer period. Meaning regular travel all the way through the year. 

 Wizz Air have recognised our low airport prices and have established their first destinations from Niš to Basel and Malmo at the end of June. Our low airport prices are an opportunity for any airliner to consider flying from Niš. So let's fly together, from Niš to Europe, and from Europe to Niš!
Niš Airport - Our only connection with the world!

Fly from Niš Team

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